Genese Harris

is creating a dissertation on non-financial information risk
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About Genese Harris

Wow, my research topic has changed since the recording of this video!

Thank you patrons! I am happy you are with me on this journey.
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Thank you for taking the time to view this page on Patreon.  My name is Genese Harris; I have a BBA in Marketing from Pace University, MBA in Finance from Ashford University, and I am working towards a PhD in Finance from Capella University.

I am on Patreon because I want to make my dissertation progress accessible to anyone with interest in this endeavor.  I want to grant access to anyone that has a passion for this type of information. You will view a woman doing great things for the betterment of mankind because: Social Justice Rocks! You will also view a woman that is about to rip her hair out from this time-guzzling process!

With that said, my research topic is to assess the impact social performance disclosure’s risk has on portfolio analysis.  More research to follow!  

Here on Patreon, anyone can support content they enjoy on a monthly basis. You will be able to support my research, school books, travels, residencies (If you would like to support my travel to an upcoming residency, I have also setup a separate crowdfund specifically for this upcoming residency expense), and anything else – all for the completion of my dissertation. After my dissertation, you will be able to support future papers and future research.  One great thing is, depending on the reward you picked, you will get to critique my work!! I am going to give monthly update mostly via Patreon’s media avenues on the following content:
  • Videos
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    • Chaos and Serenity within the Dissertation Process
  • Postings
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    • Dissertation Progress Updates
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  • Photos
    • Chaos and Serenity within the Dissertation Process 
  • Live chat
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  • Podcast (in the upcoming months)
    • Social Responsibility of Businesses
    • Investment Decisions
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When I reach ten patrons, I will start considering the possibility that people MIGHT have an interest in the research! Depending on the reward level will determine the degree to which I will need to change what I am doing; I will continue with the methods that are causing me to reach, one patron at a time, the goal.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!
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