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Toes in the Ocean
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You're maybe kinda into poetry. Or maybe you're just a friend of the poet who sent you this page in an attempt to fund costs of attending grad school. Either way, you'll get 1-2 poems per month to enjoy at your leisure.

Fishing in a Wetsuit
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You're into the poetry (or the poet) enough to admit you like it, but casually play it safe because you're not too sure what consistent exposure to high levels of radioactive word fusion might do to your body and your dream life. 1-3 poems monthly.

Look, Dr. Marvin! I'm Sailing!
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You are strapped to the mast of my craft and relish the feeling of wind in your nostrils as you are carried over open water. 1-4  poems monthly.




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About Genevra Levinson

This Patreon project is designed to connect patrons with Genevra's work as a writer and therapist. Become a patron to receive regular doses of time-traveling, beauty-beholding word play. Patrons will receive 1-4 original poems by Genevra per month. Expect a variety of styles, structures, and formats.

Testimonial from a friend:
"I can't read your poetry right now. I know it will make me feel things."

All proceeds support Genevra's living and educational expenses while pursuing her training as a trauma therapist and developing her craft as a writer.

Poet's Manifesto:
I have come to realize that my vocational training as a therapist is integrally woven with my identity as an artist. My writing in particular has developed as a form of beauty-creating, truth-telling, and warfare. Creative modalities are essential to my philosophy of therapy and healing. Creativity is a marker of psychological health, and the mediums of art and writing allow people access and integrate parts of their emotional experience that they may not yet be able to consciously experience or symbolize in plain language. The nature of trauma is to divide the self and keep stories hidden in the dark, laden with shame. Art (writing, dance, music) allows stories to be brought into the light, grieved, and redemptively reclaimed for the beauty and glory of God.
$60 of $250 per month
Genevra will publish a chapbook. You can expect this to be as experimental and genre-blending as the weekly poetry. Each patron will receive a signed copy.
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