is creating LGBT+ indie games and other artsy things!

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Hiya, my name's Geneva!
I'm a game developer/designer trying to put more inclusive games into the world!
I've been creating games for the past 4 years which are on my to play.
I make the music, art, code, and I do the writing for all my games!
( unless it says I collabed on a project with others on the project page)
The latest game I've been working on is my kickstarter game Skate & Date.

It's a roller derby, rhythm game about expressing yourself and falling in love that's being released in April 2019 for Mac/PC.

So why do I have a patreon?
Currently, I'm a student at NYU's Game Center and because of how expensive the school is it's hard for me to make ends meet. I want to continue pursuing my passion while being able to take care of myself and be able to afford to eat, travel and create better games. With the support given on patreon I'll be able to go above and beyond with what I'm already working on.

Now what will you get out of this?

You get access to polls, exclusive devlogs/updates, beta builds of any game I work on, art books, and cool art requests depending on what tier you have!

If you rather make a one time donation I also have a ko-fi account!

Thank you all for your time and hope you have a wonderful day!~
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