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GwainSaga / GwainSaga Cuties

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You can get downloadable content on GwainSaga, such as Avatars, Wallpapers, PNG in general that you can get on Discord.

GwainSaga: You will support and see little previews in the project, like sketches, animation and design process.
(Your name will appear in the credits of the next chapter)

Cuties : You will be supporting to continue with the GwainSaga Cuties project and you will have access to the complete Pin-ups gallery at its standard resolution.

I will try to update the gallery weekly. I hope you like it!

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GwainSaga Cuties PDF: You got GwainSaga Cuties Digital Artbook in high definition PDF format.

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About GeoExe

Hi welcome to my Patreon! 

In this Patreon you will support my content
Please look at my social networks, if you like my work 
I hope you consider supporting these projects, only if you can. 
I hope you like it,

GwainSaga |
Original Series

I am creating a web series called GwainSaga on Youtube.
This series is possible thanks to the Patreons. 
With your help I can bring this story to you until the end.

Thanks to all who have supported this series!

GwainSaga Cuties | An Illustrated Proyect

You can also support this project on a Digital Artbook,
you will have access to a gallery of Pin-Ups that will grow
for all fans of the Cuties from GwainSaga.

Sure you favorite girl will be there... or boy...

You must be of legal age to contribute... Preferably

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