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Enjoy topical gorgeousness, irreverence and lacerating commentary topped off with ribald repartee with two of Britain’s top talkers. Topple Galloway is a fresh no-nonsense news ride every week on Wednesdays!

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Every Sunday: George Galloway is joined by the human encyclopaedia; anglo-American journalist Adam Garrie of Eurasia Future, on The History Boys where they dive into a historical event or person: a walk through the history which led us to here.

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#GallowayMedia is an independent media platform created by politician, broadcaster and writer George Galloway known for taking down the US Senate and for six parliamentary victories including his three historic triumphs in Glasgow, East London and in Bradford. Unusually, Galloway gets a lot of mainstream media time, on national radio, on international television. Even his enemies would concede he's good at it. But all of it is at the mercy of media moguls and state regulators and could be ended overnight. It is vital that Galloway remains always free to speak.

The only way to be sure of that is to build #GallowayMedia, free from corporate owners and regulators. A rebel platform which rails against what's wrong and points in the right direction. Galloway uses words like swords against militarism, injustice, inequality and the iniquitous world order. Few can match him at that.

#GallowayMedia on Patreon currently showcases Galloway's individual take in his Windows on the World, his weekly #ToppleGalloway show with the live-wire Steve Topple and #TheHistory Boys with the human encyclopaedia Adam Garrie. Further shows are in development...

Windows on the World
George Galloway takes you through Windows on the World to find the news from elsewhere... 

Topple Galloway
Topical gorgeousness, irreverence and lacerating commentary topped off with ribald repartee. George Galloway joins vocabulary forces with independent journalist and commentator Steve Topple of The Canary. Tune in every Wednesday for two of Britain’s top talkers in one show!

The History Boys
Every Sunday, George Galloway is joined by anglo-American journalist Adam Garrie of Eurasia Futurea and dive into a historical event, a walk through the history which led us to here.

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