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The best way I can describe myself is that I am a disciple of Jesus Christ (aka Yeshua), and it is my personal mission to inspire and influence people everywhere to live a lifestyle of love, understanding, and obedience to the living Word of God.

I do that through creating music, playing concerts, speaking engagements, youtube videos, podcasts, blogs, and though various social media platforms.

My #1 goal right now is to create an online discipleship training course that I will be able to use as a followup at my live events and though social media that will transform a largely biblically illiterate generation, into fully equipped disciples of Jesus Christ who are driven to make disciples of all nations.

If you share the same heartbeat, I would love to have your support not only financially, but also in prayer, and sharing the art and content God is using me to create with the rest of the world.

Thanks for being among the very first to read these words, and consider this opportunity. I will soon come back and more carefully craft these words on this page, but for now, I'm just writing from the heart... and on a deadline ;-).

Thanks again for your prayers and support!

George Moss
$0 of $500 per month
When I reach $500/month, I will be able to replace my broken down minivan, and purchase a new one. Which will allow me to get back out on tour. If you are one of the first to help me get there, I will personally call you on the phone to thank you! 
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