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Keep our Discord Bot alive!

Hey, hosting costs money, and unfortunately, GamingCirclejerk doesn't have any income what so ever.

GamingCirclejerk has more than 140 000 users on Reddit, and our Discord server over 1700. Geraldo provides us admins with clever tools to moderate discussion, as well as useful features for you like role management and image search. Fun and games too like gambling games with leaderboards! Geraldo replaces all other bots we use, and can be fitted with new features when we demand them.

Donating just a $ increases the chance of Geraldo being up for one more month, and gives me a reason to build custom plugins for the bot.

Any surplus from donations lead to exclusive video game giveaways!

Praise Geraldo!
$15 of $20 per creation
This is enough to have the bot run for an entire month! 
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