Germain Jammernegg

is creating Oil Paintings, Illustrated short novels

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My name is Germain Jammernegg and i'm from France. I'm graduated with an art master in Belgium ( Tournai ).
I started to draw and paint at the age of 13, or 12, or earlier, cant remember :).
The sparkle went from a fanart from Battle chasers wich is my " first drawing". I offered it to my girlfriend a few years laters :)

About my work :

My work is mainly made with oil paintings. This is how i started to learn painting and even if i tried other technics ( acrylics, water colors... ), it remains my favorite way to express myself.
I like to create particular atmospheres by playing on the colors and the lights. I have a preference for landscapes, cities views, or abstract paintings.
I like to use ink and pen aswell. In most of cases, it's used for my sketches, research...

Another part of my work is to animate workshops in differents places as schools, prisons or social structures, etc... 
Because sharing is important for me, i enjoy doing this, to give the opportunity to as many people as possible to discover arts and to show them they can express things even if they think they're not able to do it. 

And here comes the last part of my work : a french art collective called " Cage d'Escalier ". ( stair case in english ). Wierd name i know :)
I'm in charge of the collective with my girlfriend. We publish one book a year ( 150 to 200 copies). So far, we have 4 books out and the 5th is coming soon as i'm writting these lines. The concept is that every participant tell us a story around a theme. It can be a comic, graphic novel, poetry, etc...
You can learn more on our facebook page " Cage d'Escalier ".

What' next ? :

With your help, i hope to make a dream come true. To live with my art, to continue to tell stories and create pictures.
I planned many things for my future patrons : different steps of my work, prints, digital Hi res pictures, original paintings and more...

Here is a sample of what i do :

Thank you for reading me and i hope to see you soon on the road of my art journey :)

find me on facebook here :
my collective facebook page : ( it's all in french so far, but its planned to get translated as soon as possible )
$17 of $500 per month

Gear up !

With this ammount, i'll be able to improve my painting equipement. Buy new brushes, new oil colors, improve my paintings supports... 

This goal is the corner stone for what comes next ! 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts

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