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is creating costumes, photography, art
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the World
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Be part of the World were I can create and tailor my stories and have access to patron only detail-photos and copies of sketches.

  • Patron only detail photos and sketches
Sneak peak
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Get the sketches and some details even earlier to see. Maybe even some behind the scene photos from the set. And every now and then I'll let you vote about my future projects.

  • all previous rewards
  • lots of early stage and productions photos
Limited (199 of 200 remaining)
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I'd like to get in touch with you and chit-chat about my creations and what ever you'd like to know.

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  • patron-only Q&A hangout sessions about once a month
A year of stories
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Each year I want to create a calendar out of the stories that I have tailored the past year. In addition to the previous perks I'll send you each year one.
(until I reach the one per month goal, the calendar might also contain pages from conceptart and sketches)


  • all previous rewards
  • Calendar by the end of every year.
Deus Ex Machina
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Get the ability to change the story, get more high-resolution photos from the shooting. Even some raw data that you can use for your own creations.

  • all previous rewards
  • Raw data for you to create your own story.
Limited (50 of 50 remaining)
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Be one of the heroes sidekicks and get your name mentioned on the calendar and probably a lot of other places.
* I will try to fit the mentions on as many places as possible.

  • all previous rewards
  • Honorable mentions wherever I can fit it.
a mentor
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Do you want to have an influence in the stories I tailor? Have even earlier access to the Ideas that are being created, join me for the biweekly hangout to discuss the newest creations.

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  • Biweekly mentor and higher only hangout sessions
a hero
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What if you could be one of the heroes of my stories. Once a year you join me for the photo-shooting and be the main character of the set. And you know whats best? You get to keep the main garment.
*Note: you must be a patron at this level for 6 months before we begin setting dates/plans. Please keep in mind, that you will have to come 2-4 Times to my atelier each year before the shoot. (everything from lower tiers)
  • all previous rewards
  • Photo-shooting
  • Keep the garment




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About Der GeschichtsSchneider - The StoryTailor

Every one is the main character of their own story

My name is Lukas Riesen and I'm the "GeschichtsSchneider" - the StoryTailor.
Tailoring is for me more than just a trade, it's an art form, my passion.

Beyond our imagination there lays more than one world longing to be explored, worlds full of stories and characters longing to come alive. I want to dive into these worlds and would love if you join me on this journey. Whether you are a LARP-Organizer, a participant, a film maker or you want to bring worlds beyond our imagination to live, I want to help you with my creations, from the simple costumes to really elaborated creation.

Please join me on my journey into these worlds.
We can't take the whole world we explore with us, but we can keep the stories and pictures of the worlds we create. When you join me here on patreon, you help me to bring these worlds alive.

With your support you can make it possible that I can create characters, vest them and stage them for astonishing photos and artwork or take them with me into the magical world of LARP. You make it possible for me to go on renaissance fairs to show my arts and crafts and when I get enough support I might even help creators of LARPs to bring their worlds alive and accessible to a broader audience.
The math is simple, the more I receive for the art, the less time I have to spend shortening trousers and the more time I can spend on making more costumes or I can even go to LARPs and refit some costumes last minute, so you can enjoy to explore a new world beyond our imagination.

To get a look into the stories I create join me

Thank you for passing by
$14 of $250 per month
You guys are awesome, finally I can afford a big deal of the great fabrics and other materials I want to use.
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