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About Get Into Nuclear

Thank you so much for the interest.

Who are we?
Get Into Nuclear (Gi2N) was launched a couple of years back by Andrew Crabtree who has worked in the UK Nuclear Industry for 9 years. The website was started on the back of numerous discussions in different settings all ending in the question “So how do I get into nuclear then?”.

The UK Nuclear Industry is approaching both an exciting and challenging time. With an impending increase in the requirement of employees whilst in parallel a large number of existing employees will be retiring. It is estimated that there is a requirement for an additional 40-50,000 employees over the next 5-10 years.

With all of the plethora of information already out there and great initiatives from government and organisations to provide this information it led to the realisation that there was a need for a central hub to provide and go-to place to act as an initial information hub and a funnel to further information and resources that were already in existence.

In December 2016 the site was launched with content and articles being created by a number of people from inside of and outside of the UK Nuclear Industry. We have provided a brief summary of the key sectors of the industry, the roles and the opportunities available. The site acts as a funnel by referring the visitors to the site to the correct resources that will enable them to find everything that they need to get into nuclear. Following completion of the backbone of the site we embarked on writing articles and blog posts as we found that many of those in existence were short, succinct and often appear to have an ulterior motive – usually being to attract you to their recruitment job page.

All involved in the site have full time jobs as well as family commitments meaning that the site has been produced on evenings and weekends with any expenses being funded via existing savings. Since Gi2N has started we’ve grown quite a following and with approaching 100 posts on the site a ‘working week’ is now becoming 60+ hours/week.

Where do we want to be?
Firstly, we want to establish Gi2N as a mainstay in the UK Nuclear Industry for a long time. The trial is over and the site works and we have readers. We now can get much more insightful with our articles and hope that this may this continue for a long time to come.

Secondly, we need to make Gi2N a self-sustaining enterprise. The “fund using savings” was fine for the 1<sup>st</sup> phase but is not sustainable. Our piggy bank is running low and with other commitments it is time the website can support itself.

When considering a long-term self-sustaining plan one option is to consider advertising on the site. Everyone agrees that ads are annoying, hurt the user experience and downgrade the integrity of the site. We need to come up with a better way to do it. So far, we have identified four methods:

1) Affiliations; with companies and enterprise to enter into a commission based agreement on a referral basis from the website. Opportunities would be Employers/Recruiters, companies with specific products adapt to the nuclear industry and any other services providers to the industry such as training providers, marketers and careers advisers.

2) Publishing; there is a need to provide constant news, announcements, updates, contract awards on the website to drive brand awareness. This takes a lot of time and as mentioned time is precious and the piggy bank is dry. There is opportunity for sponsored posts and news stories to be provided by others but it would be much preferable to get a proper journalist to do more in-depth content and undertake interviews with key influencers within the UK Nuclear Industry.

3) Content Creation; as there are many long-established companies, enterprises and government bodies within the UK Nuclear Industry there is opportunity to support these in the adoption of use of new mediums to promote themselves and the industry. This would ultimately include posts, articles, promotions and events.

4) Donations; all the above three options require further time and in some instances money to get them off the ground. The way Patreon works is a reader can donate from as little as $1/month (we’ll deal with the exchange rate later) which is a recurring donation. Any donation received is massively helpful to our mission and much much appreciated.

What will we use the money for?
Our initial goal is $5,000/month. This money will be enough to keep Gi2N going, for the foreseeable future. Get Into Nuclears’ costs are:
  • Hosting; we need a robust, reliable hosting plan to support any spikes in traffic so that the site doesn’t crash and maintain its download speed. This keeps our visitor happy and returning.
  • Email database and marketing software; a service used to email our posts out to our subscription list. The fee for this software grows as the email list grows.
  • Ongoing web development; it is a website, so there are always annoying glitches that need fixing and exciting new site features that we are adding. None of us directly involved in the site have any programming skills, so we need to pay someone for this.
  • Social Media Post boosts; when we announce a new post on our social media channels. The ensures that our announcements and updates get to as many of our followers’ News Feeds as possible.
  • One employee. We need someone to handle all the day-to-day running of the website. The never-ending tasks of the upkeep of the site add up to a few hours a day. An employee would be able to handle this and spend the rest of their time undertaking business development of monetising methods 1 to 3 above.
That's the basics. With those pieces covered, Gi2N can support itself.
We'd be happy to keep doing things exactly how we're doing them for a long time, and with the above support we can. We'd also love to do even more if it becomes possible, which is where the stretch goal comes in:

Stretch Goal
The stretch goal will allow us to take Get Into Nuclear to the next level, enabling us to do things like:
  • Start a weekly podcast
  • Make (animated?) video version of posts
  • Hire a second employee
  • Redo the website. The stretch goal would fund the development of Gi2N 2.0 and allow us to make the site interface as special and unique as the posts. This could include a part of the site where readers can post their own questions and interact with each other providing a means to Employers and Candidates directly.
The stretch goal would be amazing to hit, but simply being totally supported by reader generosity would make us endlessly grateful, no matter what else happens.

Anyway, thanks for any support you can offer if you decide to, and thanks for being a reader!

– Andrew
$0 of $5,000 per month
- Pay for Hosting; we need a robust, reliable hosting plan.
- Pay for Email database and marketing software; a service used to email our posts out to our subscription list. 
- Pay for ongoing web development; it is a website, so there are always annoying glitches that need fixing and exciting new site features that we will be adding. 
- Pay for Social Media Post boosts; The ensures that our announcements and updates get to as many of our followers’ News Feeds as possible.
- Pay for One employee. We need someone to handle all the day-to-day running of the website and undertaking business development.

If achieved we will put on a special event with free food and booze for all Patrons of the site.
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