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Getting Deeper is a Mumbai, India based electronic music blog. Lush vibes, melodic intricacies and sublime mindstates are places we constantly strive to reach through the music we publish. We also like to encourage escapism, philosophical meanderings and sometimes indulging in the dark side of things. In simple words, we like to get deep.

What we do:

Podcasts:  Getting Deeper releases bi-weekly podcasts of electronic music by various artists from all over the world. We take much care in choosing the artists we host for our podcasts, always ensuring that their vibe and style fits the audiences we gather, and never measuring their value based on their success. Our aim is to provide quality music in genres such as deep house, deep tech, techno, beats, downtempo and ambient. And we are happy to say that  in over 2 years, we now have a growing roster of 8000 + fans as well as artists. Join us and listen to our podcasts on Soundcloud @

All our podcasts are available for free download :)

Reviews + Music discovery: We are always on the look out for the freshest, slickest and the deepest music, never shying away from all the unknown but beautiful sounds as well as artists that deserve to be heard. On our main website, we write reviews about the tracks we discover, we feature the artists we love, and we also create playlists for our audiences. But what sets us apart, we believe, is our loyalty towards creating an experience.  From the design, to the artwork and finally the words we use are all created in such a way that we hope to take the listener on a journey.

Other features: Apart from reviews, we also host premieres by various labels from across the world, simply so that we can help them showcase their music to a wider audience. We are hoping to grow the news feature of the blog, so that we can provide useful content especially to the business/artist side of the music industry. 

Why we need you: 

In 2 years, Getting Deeper has been consistently striving to provide the best quality music to our audiences, without being a sell out. A lot of our music is niche, and hence it makes it difficult to earn money. In fact, in these 2 years GD has been a non-profit passion project. We now want to be larger for our fans. And most importantly, we want to be there for our artists. 


1. Robust Artist Research
2. A seamless music discovery platform + app 
3. More writers to speed up music promotions, reviews and quality news within the music industry. 
4. And lastly, a community driven, digital platform that connects labels, artists, their fans and their music in an interactive setting. 

We want to grow the blog from simply being a reviews website to a full blown, music discovery platform. We want to hire writers, create an app, grow the news section, and finally transform into a label that works more like a community and less like an institution. 

This is a call out for financial support to all our fans, artists, friends and to anyone who believes in music... 

You can support by paying $1 (or more if you feel generous) on the top right corner of this page. 

Thank you :)

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