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 All these sleepless nights need a little bit of fuel -- coffee would be nice! If you like my stories, help me out by buying me a cup of coffee so I can continue even more sleepless nights... *sigh* 




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Stories That Matter
These are the stories that we talk about. The tales that we tell our friend. The adventures we share with our kids -- this is what I want. I want to bring back those meaningful stories that are handed down from generation to generation. I want others to read the stories that I've grown to love -- in a new and modern way!

Stories That Challenge You
Many stories today feel empty and we tend to forget them after a few years pass. Do you remember a particular adventure that you can't forget no matter what? A story that piqued your curiosity or maybe challenged your ideals that you just can't forget? The stories I aim to write also fall in this category... Tales that interest the curiosity inside of you. Conspiracies, mysteries, and other adventures that challenge you to think and stay on the edge of your chair.

Stories That are Straight to the Point
I've never been a fan of fluff -- and I don't plan on writing that way. It's all story, all relevant, all adventure from here on out!
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