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About GGMarZhill

Welcome to my Patreon page where you have the opportunity to join the exclusive gaming community, The Legion of MarZ, driven by the sole purpose to become the elite force in any game it participates in. Lead and managed by myself as YouTuber and Twitch streamer, GGMarZhill, as Legatus of the legion!

I would like to thank all of those of you have either joined the exclusive community through your patronage or are just fans of the content I organise and produce, this helps drive the war machine and develop more engaging events and scenarios to bring the Legion of MarZ together as one cohesive unit.

You will also have the opportunity to get a sneak peak preview of upcoming project plans/ content and depending on your contributions you can also influence the direction of these plans. Please check out the rewards section to examine your exclusive quirks and perks for your selected reward tier.

Game genres specific to the community and content provided by GGMarZhill will encompass Strategy, Survival & Simulation.

Join the discord server to get involved!

And remember, The Legion Rises with You!
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Once this goal is achieved I shall purchase a SCUM server for all you guys to play on with hosted events that you can participate in - You will also be white listed on the server meaning you are prioritised when queuing. 
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