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About Ghost Girl Diaries

Who We Are

Hello! My name is Krystal Leandra and welcome to Ghost Girl Diaries.

If this is the first time you have ever heard of Ghost Girl Diaries, WELCOME! I am the creator and host of Ghost Girl Diaries, or GGD for short. GGD is an established weekly online show that covers paranormal related news, film, criticism, education, and pop culture. We like to analyze topics and film, argue the productions aspect of film using professional production experience along with paranormal knowledge.

My main goals while creating the series, Ghost Girl Diaries, for my audience: my first goal is to film a pilot season of Ghost Girl diaries, eight episodes in total. I want to then sell Ghost Girl Diaries the series to a streaming network like Netflix or HuLu, because the future is digital and streaming. I hope it will become the first new Paranormal Series to hit a major streaming networks, and that it becomes so successful they resign us season after season! BUT I can only make this happen and take this to the next level with your help and support! My second goal is to always be honest with my fans and tell them the truth, present raw and authentic evidence and to critique everything accurately and fairly. I also want my fans to get to know not only me but my entire team, share behind the scenes footage, and fully involve the fans in the making of the series.

I know that I and my team can do this with the support of all of you. I have been a producer in film for several years. I have worked alongside some of the biggest Executive Producers in the Paranormal business. I have helped be a creative mind, behind several different paranormal series, I worked as a paranormal field producer all for major networks. I have been signed to several of my own series, with several different television networks but what they wanted was watered down and staged. I intend to to make Ghost Girl Diaries as raw and authentic as possible. My series on YouTube was successful for many years.

Sadly, in March of 2018, our YouTube channel was officially shut down by the platform due to incidents with high profile vloggers forcing YouTube to change their algorithm.  Our channel traffic was hit hard and our thousands of subscribers no longer got the notifications for our current content. This is why we moved to Twitch, to reconnect with the fans, and now Patreon, because it is time to strive for something bigger. The current landscape of paranormal television is a literal boys club with no female investigators or host leading their own series. I want to change that and I want to do it in a way for our fans and subscribers to be involved in the creation of a female driven series they want to see. This is the next phase of Ghost Girl Diaries. We are no longer a social media sensation, we are now Ghost Girl Diaries, the series.


Ghost Girl Diaries will be a series where paranormal film and television is brought back to its roots. Too many paranormal series we see on TV have been overtaken by Hollywood theatrics, making those series lose the fans and the true value of history at haunted locations. I want to cut the crap. I want to produce a series with raw and authentic footage, mixed with real history, completely unscripted, and most importantly unbelievable never before seen real paranormal evidence. There are only a couple really good paranormal shows out there. Help me take paranormal television to the next level. A new generation of paranormal is coming. Ghost Girl Diaries. This is our paranormal community. And this is just the beginning.

This adventure isn’t just about just creating another paranormal show. This is about a movement, about creating change. Change not only in the paranormal world but also in film. For as long as paranormal television has been around it has been male-dominated. There has never been a female lead or host. And until recently, there has never been a female Executive Producer. I am currently in pre-production for an eight-episode pilot series. After years of success on YouTube with thousands of followers, fans, and subscribers, it is now time for the next chapter for Ghost Girl Diaries. Money from monthly subscribers and money that is donated from fans will 100% be going towards the production of this series. We are in desperate need of some very specific filming equipment. I will put a list below. Filming equipment is extremely expensive. We will be grateful to money donations or filming gear donations.

Any donated gear can be sent to us at our Business Address:
In care of: Krystal Leandra
P.O. Box 230895
Las Vegas, NV 89105

Plus the cost of Travel (gas, car rentals), food, flights, and stay for the crew.

If You want to gift us a piece of gear you can most of it on our amazon wishlist here:


For your continuing support, please help spread the word about our crowdfunding. We need your help to ignite this. Now it’s time, to get to work.


The face of the new Ghost Girl Diaries continues to change. We are still getting used to not being on social media and our old platform with YouTube. We are constantly refining our work, and using these platforms are experiments as to what YOU, the audience wants to see from us. We will constantly be changing and adding new features, new tiers, or anything you want as an audience member. We are here to listen to YOU, and what the viewers want to see. Please feel free to throw new ideas at us. We also want you to meet more people behind the scenes than just Krystal. Our researchers, our engineers, our artists, crew, and investigators. Thank you for embracing our little paranormal community, we couldn’t do it without you. I always have appreciated your feedback, and I always will appreciate constructive criticism. Your feedback and suggestions will help us improve in the long run.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 176 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 176 exclusive posts
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