is creating art, league of legends videos, and V-logs
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Every penny counts! You to be a member of the discord server, along with other treats.
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OMG thanks! it means a lot to me knowing that people  care about the content I bring, and as for your rewards. You get to view progress pictures on what I draw, AND you get to be apart of the discord server.
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Woah thanks so much for donating! At this tier you get somethin a little more special, you get to be apart of the discord server, a freebie commission, and you still get all the previous rewards from other tiers.
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About ghostlydrawer

I'm doing this to help out at home, by doing commissions and being paid for uploading videos of the livestreams that i've done (or videos in general) I hope to help out my mom with her bills, paying rent, etc., and I need better equipment for uploading and streaming art and uploading videos.
By donating to me you will get:
- Daily V-logs of my life
- Exclusive access to my discord server
- League of legends videos
* Including streams
* shenanigans with me and my friends
* a "Climbing Out Of Bronze" series
* event content and "try a champion" series
- Progress photos of my art 
* as well as streaming
* certain level donators will receive freebie commissions every month or so
$0 of $100 per month
This is just some money I have set aside for my own stuff.
- Food
- Clothes
- Restocking art supplies
- stuff that I really want (like skins n' stuff)
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