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I started enhancing pages using Userscripts (Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey) for myself and some friends. I always found very frustrating when a site I use very often makes me click around for tasks that should be done with one click. And since I'm a web developer discovering that I could easily enhance all those sites has literally opened a new world to me.

First works where crude but very effective in solving minor problems and unusabilities of various sites and apps. 

Now I decided to polish and publish the most useful of them and start taking request on larger scale.

Basically I want to fight frustration, a big scary monster that permeates the internet.

Basically if there's a site or web application with some annoying behaviors (5 clicks when you would like to do just 1, that sort of things), try to ask for a new userscript here.
It might be much easier then you think.
Obviously patron and supporters requests will "bear more weight"... I do not guarantee that if you donate I will answer your request ASAP. Many factors will determine what to do next, like complexity of the request, prioritization of bug-fixes, personal life, etcetera... But I'm pretty sure that any supporter request will be given a lot of attention. For this reason if you are a patron you would probably do better by directly writing to me at [email protected].

Published scripts

Work in progress
Trakt over Prime: boards - features requests
Trakt Enhancer
: boards - features requests

Next planned (this list is subject to changes)
Trello one clicker: move card left or right with just one click
IMDB Enhancer: similarly to what done with Trakt for links to other sites
Roll20 Enhancer: various ideas, we'll see what rolls out when I'll get to it...
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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