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Welcome to The Ghost Story Guys!  This is the show where we talk about spooks, specters, and all the other things waiting for us in the shadows beyond the campfire.  Some conversations only make sense after the sun has set and this podcast is most definitely one.

The Ghost Story Guys is a podcast hosted by authors Brennan Storr and Ian Gibbs where every two weeks we bring you true life ghost stories, served piping hot.  Or cold?  However ghost stories would be served.  Each episode focuses on stories of the paranormal from a different area or subject - we've focused on cities like Detroit and Los Angeles, whole states like Western Australia, or smaller topics like haunted hotels.  While we love telling these stories we also have a no-bullshit philosophy, so if we think a story is bunk we won't tell it and if something doesn't pass the smell test, we'll say.

We've been at this for 18 months now and would love to have your help as we expand the show!

The main show (and monthly bonus episode) will always be free but having a Patreon allows us to defray studio and hosting costs while allowing us to connect with our audience on a whole new level by providing exclusive content.

Thanks for stopping by!

Brennan & Ian

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