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 Thank you! It may not seem like much, but every bit helps <3 
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Ohai <3
I'm someone who REALLY loves horror games and being it only made sense to start streaming! I'm hoping to stream more regularly soon and meet even more amazing people ^-^
If there's one thing I've learned being on twitch and discord, it's that there are some really kind and loving people out there...and I really want to meet more of them!
Any and all support is greatly appreciated but never expected
and to those of you who choose to support me...I can't express enough how AMAZING you really are!
Anything sent to me from here helps my family and I on many levels
and it also drives me to do more for you guys in return <3 
So THANK YOU for being who you are and supporting me!
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A Huge help! I don't get to keep the bulk of my wages since I'm helping out at home. Pledges help me fund things for streams such as games, new equipment, materials for crafting streams and giveaways~
If I'm able to get this first goal, the quality of my streams will greatly improve
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