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  • Access to more private channels on my Discord - including WIPs.
  • Access to WIPs, and early access to sprites and other assets in my Danganronpa Discord for my project.
  • Archived Twitch Streams in case you missed them live!
  • Exclusive Reddit flair for my shitty subreddit.
  • Additional extra cosplay photos.
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All the lower rewards plus:

  • A personal thank you message from me accompanied by a small doodle.
  • Access to Beta my writing works while in progress.
  • Access to .psds/.mdp etc of my artwork.
  • Access to the monthly doodle. 
  • A digital postcard sent to you every month.
  • 5% off any commission (once per month).
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All the above plus:

  • A icon or emote commission as a one off benefit.
  • A physical postcard sent once a month instead of digital (WW).
  • Help designing a Danganronpa: Deadly Deceit Character (e.g. talent, looks etc).
  • 10% off any commission (once per month).
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About Abbie (ghouluke)

Welcome to my Patreon!

I'm Abbie; also known on the internet to most of y'all as ghouluke.

I create various forms of content: art, fiction, and edits. I am currently working on a slightly bigger project involving a Danganronpa fan-story and cast. This Patreon page will help fund me in getting resources to do these, such as better technology and art supplies; and also will help me survive university and keep creating content without having to get a full-time job on the side, which is an issue for me with my morning illness. 

In the future, I would also possibly like to create Visual Novels (alongside some of my flatmates who I'd ask to code) and this will require funds to keep me going and get better equipment to make this to the best of my ability. I would like to create this so my audience can enjoy it for free too depending on how I do with this Patreon and commissions etc. I also wish to start cosplaying (something which I've just started by buying my first wig!), and Patreon would help me do this.

I look forward to creating more content in the future and sharing it with you.

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Danganronpa: Deadly Deceit Project: Tumblr Discord Reddit
$10 of $50 per month
Basic starting goal. This will help me live each month with little worry and continue to make content.
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