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I'll be creating a number of roleplaying game supplements including everything from adventures and maps to magic items and homebrew custom rules. I also hope to be running games through Google Hangouts, where I'll be inviting Patreon supporters to join in.

Here's the deal. I work a full time job, so I'm turning to Patreon to help me support my hobby, encouraging me to take more time to do what I already love doing. It's one part of my plan and I hope to be doing this full time. For now, Patreon will help me find out what people love, like, and hate.

So, I'll be turning to you--my supporters--to help determine which projects are most important and most desired. This is my first attempt at any sort of crowdfunding, so understand that and bear with me as I get everything in line for being as awesome as possible for everyone out there.
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At this level, I'll put together the material I have created over the course of the month and add in extra material. Gathering everything together in PDF format, I'll place this online through DTRPG and GamesOnBoard for PWYW or some nominal fee. The artwork will be donated or public domain at this level.
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