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Fire YOUR probing, in-depth questions at our GGACP celebrity guest. If chosen, your question – and your name -- will be read on an upcoming show! (names may be misread, mangled or mispronounced at Gilbert’s discretion)

Note: Limit two questions per patron per celebrity guest!

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*GGACP Bonus Episodes -- Exclusive access to MONTHLY, FULL-LENGTH bonus shows!

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*Grill the Guest -- Ask YOUR questions to our GGACP celebrity guest. If chosen, your question – and your name -- will be read on an upcoming show!

*Discounts on GGACP Merch/Swag  -- Coming VERY soon! 

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Get an exclusive, patron-only photo signed by Gilbert and Frank, suitable for framing, displaying, defacing or...never mind, we don't wanna know!

At this level, you also get EVERYTHING at the previous level, including:

*Monthly GGACP Bonus Episodes
*Private Phone Number for Call-in Shows
*Early Access to Live Events
*Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Photos & Videos
*Grill The Guest!
*Discounts on GGACP Merch

(NOTE: In order to receive the photo, you need to be an active Patron for at least 4 months. This is a one-time offer. We can’t keep sending you greedy people signed photos every month!)

Sign up at the $5 level (or higher) during the month of December, you'll get an extra special SURPRISE, mailed directly to you, from Gilbert and Frank!




Hi, internationally-beloved entertainer Gilbert Gottfried here. Before we ask you for money -- which we will do again and again -- you probably want to know WHY we need your support in the first place. And if you're like me, you want to know what the fuck you're going to get for it.

So here's the deal: As of December 1, we're opening up our vast archive of more than 500 episodes (and counting!), all of them 100% FREE -- with no subscriptions and no paywall. My co-host Frank Santopadre and I love giving you guys free access to interviews with showbiz' greatest performers (like Carl Reiner, Norman Lear, Neil Sedaka, Bruce Dern and Dick Van Dyke!), but the show DOES cost money to produce, which is why we need the generous support of YOU -- our fellow demented, orange wedge-obsessed fanatics -- so we can continue bringing you the deep-dive tributes, tone-deaf sing-alongs, unsubstantiated rumors and salacious innuendo that have made “Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast!” appointment listening.

We THANK YOU for your support and here's to the next 500!

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We just want to create a community of people that are engaged and enjoy listening to our show. 
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