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At $5 per month, you, ladies & gentlemen, are a part of the dinner crowd: here to sit back and see if this performer can keep you entertained for awhile. Here's what you get:

-Free download: access to my entire catalog of original music (Some Kind of Nothing [EP], Magic Through the Static, and Rewinding [EP])

-7-day advanced access to any new original music (and, as above, free downloads)

- Personalized letter (with updates, news, lyrics, other exclusive content, etc.) mailed to you quarterly.

-Your name in the credits of every video and album-related material I create.



About Gilbert Lee

Hello, everyone, & thank you for taking the time to find me! As a singer-songwriter, I've been writing & recording music since 2016, releasing two EPs and a full-length album. And although my work has been praised by a handful of music blogs & other publications, all the critical acclaim in the world won't pay the electric bill or buy the groceries!

...And so, as a working musician, I've mastered the 3-hour dinner crowd gig, perfecting a repertoire of songs, both classic & modern, familiar & obscure. I've even assembled my own version of the one-man-band, enlisting my left-foot on tambourine & my right on kick drum. I recently began cataloging those tunes on my YouTube channel (go subscribe!) via a new series I've dubbed, The Dinner Crowd Covers. 

And here's where you come in, visitor! I would love for you to become an integral part of my creative growth, to provide inspiration for my music, my lyrics, and my videos. I can't offer much in return, but if you do join me, you'll at least get...

-Access to my entire current catalog of original music (via lots of free downloads & streams)
-Early access to demos & the opportunity to offer me constructive criticism
-Solicited requests and suggestions for my Dinner Crowd Covers series
-Personalized notes with early announcements, glimpses into my creative process, & other exclusive content 

And of course, (assuming you're a fan of my material), you'll also get the satisfaction of knowing you helped contribute to the music I create! So, there's my pitch: just another singer-songwriter, another working musician adding to the noise, hoping for a few dollars in the tip-jar. What do you think? Is my contribution to that noise unique, even valuable? If you think so--even just a little--I hope you'll join my community & push me to grow. I want you to share in the process, so let's get started! (Now gimme your money already!)
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When I reach 100 patrons, I'll take song requests for my Dinner Crowd Covers series and choose FIVE to learn and perform.
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