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About Gillian Maurer

I am a 17 year old aspiring Illustrator. I am currently a high school senior, with hopes of pursuing a higher education in visual arts. I rely almost entirely on donations and proceeds from selling my work to raise the funds to attend college, as well as to purchase the materials I need to continue creating new pieces and further refining my abilities.

I am inspired by the vast wealth of natural beauty that exists in the world. I use art as a means to take the beauty of natural detail and create something new with it. I constantly work towards refining my fine arts skills and my ability to accurately render subjects as realistically as possible. Using these technical skills, I try to create works that infuse my own personal vision in order to create something that emphasizes the natural beauty of the subject, conveys an intangible concept, or explores a meaningful message. In particular, I am fascinated with portraying the natural, asymmetrical reality of subjects in a way that shows other people a clearer vision of the beauty I see in them. I enjoy exploring different ways to do this through manipulating compositions, playing with natural patterns and repetition, fusing realism with abstraction, and creating visual illusion with layering of color and shadow. I love working in detail, and each piece I do is an attempt to create something that is realistic to the viewer, but that at the same time has broken with reality to convey a message or highlight an aspect of the world that the viewer may not have otherwise noticed or appreciated.
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