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$2?! That's like a nickel a video — enough for a beer or a cup of coffee!  And a thank you! What do you get for $2? Access to my Patreon feed where I'll post mini-lessons, photos, and you can post to me too! I'll prioritize YOUR questions! (Stupid or redundant questions may still get ignored! lol. )
Oh, and ask me and I'll follow you on Twitter! It's the least I can do! (Note: I am not arrogant enough to consider following someone back on Twitter to be of any financial value whatsoever, but if it makes you happy and you can tweet directly to me, I'm all for that!)
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You get all the above, plus an audio version of my latest LAUNDRY VIDEOS. I'll provide links in the Patreon Activity page for Patrons only.
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JUST FOR FUN! Lucky "7" means I'll drink a toast to you and whatever you want during a LAUNDRY VIDEO. Your birthday? Your anniversary? You graduated high school? Finally got a date with Yuki? Tell me what to read on camera! If it's 30 seconds or less, I'll do it!




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About Gimmeabreakman

I am one of the original Jvloggers!  I've been in Japan  for over 23 years, and I make LOTS of videos! In the 30 days before I started this Patreon, I put out 40 videos on 3 Youtube channels. This was a kind of " secret audition" to see how many videos I could put out while working full-time (and some) as an English teacher before I started this Patreon page. The problem is I'm working way too hard for my own good. I need to cut back on some work and free up some time so I can continue to make videos! But I can't do it without help! Here's a sample of what I can already do. And at the bottom of this page you can check out the "rewards" (more like THANK YOUS) below to see what I can do for you in return!

Here's a sampling of the types of videos I put out:

>Japanese language videos - Doing my best to teach you the fun, cool, and interesting Japanese that other people can't or won't teach you. I've already created an extensive playlist for my Japanese for Morons series:

One of my latest!

>Japanese culture videos  Learn Japan first hand through my life!
Celebrating New Year's with my wife & neighbors:

>J-NEWS!  Videos talking about recent Japanese news. I usually teach a word or phrase or two and in some cases breakdown the entire video completely. It's a great way to improve listening and increase your REAL Japanese vocabulary.

>GoPro and Walk & Talk videos!  Join me as I take you around my Japan. Sometimes the "tours" are quite mundane (from a Japanese point of view) but fascinating (from a non-Japanese point of view). Sometimes I'll walk you through a "matsuri" festival.

>Laundry videos! These videos are named for their length and the fact that you don't actually need to watch these videos since I usually just sit there and talk. (Warning: I may arrogantly sip whiskey or drink beer while I indulge myself.) So take out your laundry or whatever household chore you've been putting off and join me as I ramble on in these unedited "visual podcasts". Inexplicably to me, these have become a popular mainstay of my channel. Topics may include "life" or I may tackle one of the dozens of daily emails my viewers send. I've just started experimenting with sound files for these, so you will be able to download them as "podcasts" very soon.

>Tomoko Desu videos!  You know Tomoko Desu! You LOVE Tomoko desu! At least once a month she'll appear on my channel. We love making videos together! Check out our playlist!

>Japanese Viral Videos Explained!
One of my personal favorites! In this irregular series I comment on and give context regarding a video that is going or has gone viral in Japan. Often the videos I choose are recommended by YOU the viewer.

>2.5 Oyajis! - Now in our 4th season, Hikosaemon and I get together once a week (usually with a guest) to discuss current events in Japan!

>Drama videos - Love 'em or hate 'em, I'd be lying if I said these were not one of the most popular types of videos on my channel. This often but not always means a video about another Youtuber's videos.

>AND MUCH MORE!  And I'm not just saying that. I make rant videos, skits, quick Japan videos, and I'm sure I'll be making more types of videos in the future.

Last but definitely not least, Maggie Sensei has agree to pitch in and help work on video production and language making! These include lessons accessible only by Patreon Patrons! All initials donations will go to freeing up some of her time!

So what started as just a way to talk to the world in my native tongue (English) and teach a friend a few Japanese expressions has turned into a full-time labor of love.

I love what I am doing, and I'd like to free up some of the time my "real jobs" take and spend more time interacting with you and making videos for you! I know it's a pipe-dream, but here we are.

Do you like what I do? Do my videos add something to your life? Then I hope you'll consider becoming one of my Patrons! I will be forever grateful, and I'll be sure to let you know it.

Note: Patreon is a work in progress! I would love to hear your ideas & suggestions on rewards and goals! See you on the Interbone!

$542 of $1,000 per month
You guys pledge $1,000 and I will buy a


and GoPro head gear, etc., so I can get the most out of this baby.

I'll upload a weekly video from the mundane to the exotic!
I'll travel for these videos too!
You guys tell me where to go, and I'm there!
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