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About Daniel GreenWolf

Hi! I'm Daniel GreenWolf, a professional Magician and Irish Guy. Since November of 2013, I have been heading up the Gingerosity Podcast- A weekly audio podcast where I, along with my co-hosts of badassery, interview people in the field of entertainment. This includes Magicians, mentalists, jugglers, sideshow artists, comedians, musicians, hypnotists, writers... basically anyone who is professionally awesome. You can find all the past Episodes HERE: www.TheGingerosity.com 

The problem is keeping a podcast a high quality production on a regular schedule is difficult for free. And we know that people dig the podcast and we want to keep it going and make it even more awesome than before. Which is what this Patreon will do.

With the money pledged each month, we'll be able to keep us to a set weekly schedule, and if the amount gets high enough, even travel on location to interview awesome guests live, get shiny, sexy, better equipment, maybe even do some video podcasts down the road.

If you pledge to this podcast, you not only get to help us continue the awesome content we already plan on putting out, but we're also going to give you an exclusive Patron-only EXTRA episode every month, even advance access to episodes when we can, and other cool extras too.
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