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About Ginny McQueen

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2019: A new book is planned! It's fiction this time! And patrons at all levels will get a free copy when it's finished. <3

Hi, friends! Your support means the world to me. Every $1 goes towards helping me create and give as much as I can to all of you.

I write, do a bit of activist work, and manage multiple communities with the end goal of helping others and progressing towards a less fascist world.

Making shit better is my full-time job, and without a place to live or food to eat, nothing gets better! Every $1 helps me to continue working at what I love and helping to create better online and real world experiences.

"How are you supporting yourself now?"
I work in social media, or rather I did until I was targeted by Nazis (yes, actual Nazis) on Twitter and was forced to shut down most of my social media for my own safety. I was a social media director, and this has taken away my primary source of income as I can no longer use most social media needed for my work. I already have severe asthma and other health issues that I need help with and now cannot afford to do much of anything. Which is where y'all come in!

"Can I just help you out as a one-time thing?"
Sure! You can tip/donate via, or help me out with my Amazon Wishlist.

"What if I can't afford $1?"
That's OK! If you like what I do and want to help support my work, the best thing you can do is share my work with other people. The more people that enjoy what I do, the better chances of it being supported! Sharing is caring. <3

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Reaching this goal means I can be a mostly alive person who eats and has internet (+ 2 bonus cats). Less time panicking and busking day-to-day, means more time creating.
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