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Those of you who've been in touch with me of late know that I've spent the past year-and-a-bit writing a book. To say it's been and continues to be all-consuming would be an understatement. So you can imagine my excitement at approaching at last a first draft - not complete as of yet, but within sight. I recently set up a website to offer a preview of my work, which is not currently affiliated with any publishing company. I hope by doing this to give a sense for my voice as a writer and for my love of this project, which I've had varying degrees of success in explaining.

I don't think of this as self-promotion as I am not at this point selling anything, although I do of course hope to sell physical as well as digital editions someday soon. But this is in fact not the main reason I regard this as something other than collecting views, likes, or general online notoriety. I don't want to make the contours of my project explicit, for reasons relating to my understanding of how art "works", i.e. because I believe that the experience of reading the book is itself the "meaning" or "truth" of the book, and because the linguistic bind of making statements about what the book "is" is the implied limitation, i.e. I am always also saying what it "is not", and I think it will be many things and differing in kind among readers, who lead vastly different lives, have vastly different experiences and ways of being. I don't feel myself to be entirely in a position to say what the book is not, even as its creator and channel into the world. All this to say that I hope my writing will "do something"- which is again a case where I can't get too specific - but it will be something significant and something good. If you do have particular questions, get in touch through the 'contact' page on my website or otherwise and I will do my utmost to respond articulately.

At any rate, if you feel inclined to take a peek you can find an excerpt here under 'creations' and more content at Thank you so much to everyone who has offered words of encouragement and feedback, it has meant and continues to mean the world. If you're in a position to offer a donation to help keep me going until I can finish the work, you are a saint, a gentleman/lady/other and a scholar!
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