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About Girl In Space

What is Girl In Space?
Girl In Space is a fictional podcast about a girl in space. But it's also about science, guns, trust, antimatter, truth, beauty, and delicious cheeses.

Why should I contribute? 
I'm making Girl In Space using my free time and spare resources because I love and believe in it. But if you've ever made or been involved with a podcast before, you know they take a ton of time, money, and hard work to produce.

So if you like the show and you've decided to contribute, welcome — and THANK YOU! You're a part of this now and I couldn't be more excited. Every dollar you contribute goes directly toward the creation of the show, and (bonus) you get some sweet rewards in return.

The more patrons, the merrier (and better, and sooner)!

402 of 500 patrons
When we reach 500 patrons, we'll celebrate with a MOVIE NIGHT WITH X!!! We'll all watch X's favorite movie (Jurassic Park) together, complete with live commentary from X herself! 
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