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Sorry, guys, due to an ongoing investigation, I am not allowed to send anything out. I might make the entire site private too but for now, it's open. 
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Hi, My name is Girltown.

I was used in a life-long government experiment. I believe my parents made me a ward of the state, so I could not advance in any career. In other words I was blacklisted from pursuit of any dreams or anything I was naturally talented at.

My sister was given tools to work for the city as a journalist and operated for City Officials when I was very young. I was told it wasn't important if I belonged to any clubs. Later I found out my parents flagged me so I could not advance. Thus, my parents are more evil than the most evil in history. All my friends had rights but I didn't. I was subjected to the kinds of torture only in horror movies. They cut out my hair to make products from in. I was studied like a lab rat. I had many issues due to the lack of love. I was molested by my babysitter and my friend in highschool. Many things happened and no one would help me.

I blame the schools for allowing children to be tortured. If this happened to you, or anything close you are not alone. We are told to believe in Black slavery, but we are the slaves. I think our curriculum was written to give away our rights and make us out to be monsters when those that crafted the scheme are the monsters. 

Then, flash forward years later, I went back to school so I could get a better job, not knowing there had been a plot against me the entire time. At UCLA I won awards for my work but Exxon's Mark Richard offered a quote that predicted violence against me. 

I was also in AA, which I now believe is a procurement organization to target one person for murder and harvesting and through gaming to get to rape them for money. I was severely bullied and ostracized by friends who were hired to target me through the City of Los Angeles, City of West Hollywood and USC and UCLA. I was harrassed and sent pornographic images by people at Disney and the City. Harrassed day and night by a man from Netflix who  kept saying I was ugly. The harrassment was an ongoing plot to get me to have plastic surgery. So, it included shaming me for selfies and for my face. 

When I went to a program in writing, all of those that were in my class had book deals except for me. Etc.

I believe the paranormal is involved, spells and witchcraft. I had a boyfriend 

Before all this my parents sold me as a slave. They profited on my injuries and my sister worked for the city and Disney as a photographer. Many years later I remembered my father forced me to attend Dale Carnegie courses and forced me to listen to hypnosis tapes with a trigger word. I was badly abused by my sister and trafficked for commercial sex acts when I was very little. 

Back to the day my jaw was stolen and I was gangraped. Exxon uses the facility I was at to rape and torture women to steal their bones and muscles and brain tissue. I tried to leave and Celia Flores of Exxon kept me there with intent to lynch me. They took my eggs and made a baby. They also lobotomized me. 

I sued but it took time for proof. USC published defamatory comments about me in print and the Guardian admitted to raping me and getting away with murder, but when it came down to it I was targeted by my friends. Those friends profited, bought houses and then abandoned me.

My upper jaw was stolen during the surgery, so smiling and breathing is very difficult for me---the government fined Medtronic for performing illegal spinal surgery on me as well. During my research, I went to school and found they do this through Debate Teams and Forensic Clubs. They argue for killing a person and cashing out their life insurance to pay for other people's dreams. UCLA cashed out my policy. They placed people in my building to spy on me. So, I think all those movies about Gaslighting, were true. It's more than MK Ultra, it's murder of a life. The Federal Government calls it stolen lives.

I went to the FBI and they opened an investigation on my city. This has made everything hard, but the women injured are deprived of health care and working as they are owned and licensed by Writers contracts and licensing for their eggs and tissue. I believe this is Project Paperclip.

What I also learned is, writers were contracted to lynch white women by WB, CAA and others. I was an award winning writer and teacher, but was fired for talking about targeting White Christians. 

PEW research admits to violently injuring Republicans to affect policy. It's such a huge undertaking but I am suing those responsible for my torture and for exploiting me, and YOU.

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When I reach this goal, I will put up my second script, Wonderland on Blklst.
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