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About girltown

Hi, My name is Girltown. I used to be a writer.

In my photo I am not smoking, I am holding a pen. A few things about me; I believe in God, I think Christians are the most oppressed group right now and we don't get a lot of coverage, I like Donald Trump, he knows about the trafficking and is aggressively trying to stop it, I don't think Isaac Kappy is dead. I am not sure the dead switch is the video, I actually think it is Camp Navajo.

I was severely injured in a plot by California major institutions to enslave and injure persons at plastic surgery clinics. I sued as most of my face was missing and I had a scratch on my cervix. I went for a slight augmentation of the bridge of my nose. And wrote, do not remove any tissue as it is against my religious beliefs. Of course later they doctored that document and USC have fought their right to take out most of my bones in this  lawsuit. I have a document that shows that USC is injuring people to sell their bones. So am am 10000 percent correct. I also have documents that show the plot to use someone in politics to align themselves to, to traffic through major institutions.

When they injure someone permanently it is called "Capital Programs" or "Capital Projects". Please look it up, and at first it looks like buildings but if you read everything it mentions people and using "duty of care" when seeing them. OSHPD is a state buidling and planning and if you read it they allow entry into the vagina, penis and backdoor of humans but refer to it as "plumbing." They also allow them to cut off bone and install two columns to prevent movement of the mouth. This is inhumane torture to not be able to smile. OSHPD runs through a PHARMA owned Healthcare foundation. And refused to give me my documents.

The Department of Defense, the NAVY, Darpa and the CIA all admit to having documents related to me.

But, in my lawsuit it has been exposed that RAND organized a National Security and or CIA training initiative using me and my face---which had to be. They used force and broke my facial bones and are hiding the records.

I have been in the lawsuit for 2.5 years and only have one record that shows they used me for equipment and other special things.

But, given my following of the Isaac Kappy story am in the unique position of being able to subpoena anyone that I can tie to the lawsuit. The CIA made an initiative that allows 9 agencies of the federal government to profit on injuring a person for manufacturing. This is what I believe happened to me.

14 others contacted me and it happened to them as well.

I got FOX news to do a story but because no one has rights and the STATE itself is the worst human traffickers around, he couldn't tie anything to my doctor---still he exposed a billing scheme with USC and jay Calvert. not the same as the human trafficking documents I am in possession of.

The way it works is like this. RAND holds the contract for the military which goes through Lockheed martin or as I am finding out architects also hold the engineering contracts, then they hire vendors, IE. USC and another institution to execute the "manufacturing" injuries of the patient ie. remove most of their bones and in my case, I believe they sterilized me.

Lots of masonic things are involved. I believe we were sacrificed and if you have ideas or anything that can help me tie the people you research to my case, let me know.

I can't work that much as I am fighting in court and writing 500 page documents to get my records.

Due to the criminality and slave nature of what they did, it has been hard. After fighting for two years my judge finally believes me.

Any support would be appreciated. I have a fee waiver but I need to stay afloat in my apartment until it's over. And if I get more money I can add people to the lawsuit that I know injured me and even take them to federal court.

By the way USC has tried to come after me, I've been threatened by the County of Los Angeles and now the doctor who did this (recruited me with intent to injure me) is suing me for defamation. But, I stand by my words. I only say what is true.

though this is statewide, my lawsuit will change the law. i just know it.

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