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-Access to the PDF files of each comic as they are available. Issue 1 and 2 will be there for you already.
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Patrons get:
-Access to PDF files. Issue 1 and 2 will be there for you already.
-Access to works in progress. (i.e. pencilled pages, cover art in progress etc., discarded comic frames)




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Hi, I'm Tom Lintern.

I've developed a comic book series called Girrion . 

So far, Issue 1 and 2 are complete. Here's some sample pages to give you an idea of the project...

You can view more of Issue 1 here.

The project started years ago (around 1999 in fact!) and I've been developing it ever since. My first issue was completed last spring. Shortly after I ran a Kickstarter for Issue 2 which was funded. 

You can view the Issue #2 campaign here.

Right now I plan on continuing to release printed books via Kickstarter and 

Patreon is simply for those who want to support the project.


I write, pencil, ink, and color the books, and they're pretty detail-heavy. Right now it takes me months to complete just one issue, and I'd like to release material faster than that.

Patreon will help me produce the artwork faster as I'd be able to focus solely on the book if there is enough income. It also will help me hire a colorist- which would help considerably.

Patreon is also community-based. My past experience with Kickstarter helped me reach people who had never heard of Girrion before, which was amazing. I'm hoping this site can do the same.

Thanks for your consideration!

Tom Lintern

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At this point there will be enough people on board for me to start hosting the video chats mentioned in the rewards.
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