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is creating animation, illustration, independent films
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About Giulia Martinelli

Website •  Behance Instagram

Hi there! I am Giulia and I am a freelancer illustrator and animator!
All my PATREON's revenues are put into the production of my new animated film.


In the last 4 years I have been traveling and working in Italy, Germany, Canada, Japan, France, Switzerland, Iceland and Finland!!
I made a short animated film called MERLOT and now I really want to make a new one!
The new film I am working on is called MAREA and it's a funny animated story about a family and the sea!

As a freelancer, I quickly realized it is not easy to find the balance between clients commissions and my passion projects.
For these reasons I found some solutions, like artistic residencies and crowdfunding, to be able to create some space for my animated film MAREA.
I am going to put me out of my comfort zone, going to a far away artistic residency up north, finding extra space and free time to dedicate to my dream, putting myself out there and starting this journey with all of you on Patreon.
So, if you like what I do and you want to follow me in this new journey, of producing my new short film by myself, please consider supporting me and my work here on Patreon!

I'll share with you all the process to produce and independent animation film and all the tips and tricks that I know and those I learn on the way.
You're going to see all the behind the scenes, to be able to ask me questions directly and also to interact with the animation process!
Also, my Patrons will get special heads-up for discounts and exclusive giveaways for them only. Read more on my tiers :)

Patreon is for me another way to connect with all of you, my community, because I believe that you are also part of the creative process and I need to get to know you and share my thoughts and listen to your feedback! This is the perfect platform for it!

I am very grateful to my audience and community, because you are the people I work for!!
Join my tasty tiers and receive right away the link to watch my previous film,  "Merlot".

I can't wait to meet you here: become part of my creative community and follow me on this journey!
Lots of Love, Giulia

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