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Any amount counts for me, so even the smallest dollar matters. 

For $1 I'll write a short ~1k one shot of your choosing and queue it to the top of my list. If you could give me your Wattpad username I'll publish it and tag you in my one shot book. 




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About Gleae

I'm just a good ol' fanfiction writer, wasting my time doing this. I write primarily Sanscest One-shots, but I have a pretty open mind to my creative writing. If you are here then you probably came from my Wattpad, under the name GleaeMC, in that case welcome. 

I finally came to the idea to make a Patreon because it would be great to get a few extra buck within the next few years because I'm off to college soon, and engineering school ain't gonna be cheap even if I'll be working my ass off for scholarship money.

Even the smallest bit could help.