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Buster and Rosie Friends
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Buster and Rosie are the puppets in the vlogs and absolutely love attention. Sometimes they're a little challenging with their chatter, but always lovable. 




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Hello Patrons and future patrons. Welcome to my page. I hope you decide to spend time with us. We’ve added some new characters to our channel. Their names are Buster and Rosie. They are puppet puppies with their own personalities.
We endeavor to continue to keep our YouTube page Fralins and Friends as appropriate for a general audience as possible. There are times when things come up, such as medical conditions that I will address in the vlog using both experience and information from trusted information sources such as The COPD Foundation. Most of those are in playlists.
Crafts bring fun creative projects. Most of them are simple and I never call them tutorials as I’m learning them along with the community and that just makes it more fun. Of course, I have done the craft at least once and follow instructions, but I still consider them as just having fun. Some will also do the project and others enjoy seeing and maybe bringing back memories.
I have done bead projects such as necklaces, bracelets and even beaded hearts from valentines that I made my children and their families.
Stories are another part of the fun. Every once in a while, I’ll ask the community for ‘elements’ for the stories. Their usually things like a person’s name, place, favorite pet or item, and something to add more fun. I’ll then turn that into a story and sometimes those who participate write their own stories and I’m happy to read them in the vlog. We have a lot of fun and a large part of that takes place in the community comments.
What a wonderful supportive group we have and one thing I stress and maintain is a no bullying policy. I don’t allow comments with name calling, mean remarks or certain words. Those will either get a warning or be flagged and blocked depending on what they’ve commented.
I am an author of three self-published books. Two are available in print and all are available in eBook format. It’s likely these will be part of the tiered rewards for support in eBook forms by use of a code. I’ll also do some Patron only videos.

My books are:

The Search: A spiritual journey. A woman becomes trapped in a backwoods town called Hidden. There are no working phones and the innkeeper is a little deceptive. Then a younger man also becomes trapped and they develop a common desire to escape and return home. The only way to escape is to follow a stranger on a long trek through treacherous terrain. Will they be able to trust him? Will they make it?

Who Be Charlie B.? This is a historical fiction influenced by real people who used to live in our hometown. It starts in 1905. Charlie, the oldest son, was born with dark-skin to white parents. This is a story about Charlie discovering who he is. At twenty-years-old he’s not a man who must also face a world of bigotry.

Six Strange Short Stories: A collection of six of my weirdest stories that I had good responses on and are favorites. The weirdness varies from a goofy alien story to a family feeling their way through a dark cave.

Upcoming I’m going to release a continuation of Who Be Charlie B.? Beginning where the other left off. The year is 1910 and Charlie’s life has changed drastically so he sets off with a friend to find his place in the world. What he finds unexpected.

Personally: I’m a wife, mother, and grandmother who loves her family and loves to write. I contracted COPD diagnosed in 2005. Although it limits me physically, it does not dictate my life or happiness.

I hope you decide to support my efforts to help others know that life continues even with limitations and we can be happy and make connections with others. Some children and families also follow my channel because we have fun and the puppets became a major draw for adults and children alike.

Glenda Fralin
G.K. Fralin – author
Fralins and Friends 

P.S. Thank you for giving your time for the efforts of those involved in many art forms.

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I have an extra room than needs a facelift so I can use it as a studio for making my daily videos and a work space. Thank you for any help you can afford. 
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