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About Fish

Welcome to the Fish Market! 

I'm the aforementioned Fish (aka J. Lewis), and I make things. Although storytelling is what built my bones, and the love of my creative life, life and capitalism often make it difficult to put the time and effort into creative work as I'd like to, when most of my energy is spent working a full-time day job. This Patreon's goal is to keep me afloat enough so I can spend less time worrying about money and more time making art and writing. With your help, I can start publishing some long-form stories, serial comics, and small games!

Unable to commit to a monthly pledge, but still want to support me or get some goodies? No problem! At the end of every month, I will bundle a selection from that month's patreon content into a package that you can get access to by contributing to my ko-fi by the end of the following month! 

A Sample of Current Projects


What happens to humanity when the planet suddenly becomes the stage for a fight between much more powerful beings in the midst of an even greater interstellar war? And what happens when it's discovered that the Wall, the ancient, untouchable structure on every horizon, is beginning to crumble?

Horus 19

A system-agnostic tabletop RPG setting that sets the stage for space horror on the lone Martian colony. The population of the colony has grown to thousands, now. Everyone knows their place. Everyone knows that they are one seal failure away from frozen death in an uncaring, airless red desert. What other dangers still remain undetected, or willfully ignored?

Chasing the Heartbeat of a Long-Dead God

Everyone knows where the dead god lies, its finger bones clinging to the sides of the mountains, civilizations built under the shadows of its cracked skull, the echoes of its power still radiating strange magics into the surrounding land. But perhaps there is still something left of its power to claim.  Some strength, a glimmer of wisdom....or a heartbeat
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