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 I am a man of Vision, a Motivated ICT in Education Expert and Government - Change Management Consultant, a decade experience of hands-on insightful work in Education Technology, Smart Villages, Capacity Building, Pioneer of Global Classrooms where classrooms across geographies are connected helping to shape the future of next generation,a person who works on behalf of the society in order to elevate the all categories of school children & professionals and give back to country what my country has invested in me.

Areas of Expertise
Change Management, e-Learning, Education ', Education Technology, Project management, Smart School Development, Smart Village Development, Technology Management

An idea worth spreading
Global Classrooms - Connecting Human, ( Schools, Children Expert Teachers ) Individual Social Responsibility in connecting and motivating human is one of the most interesting topic. Our concept of Global Classroom is all about bridging the gap between rural and urban students, making every student a global citizen and development of villages. innovation in global connecting platform, which fast emerging across the globe has to get penetrated in remotest of the remote villages of our country.

As a gifted speaker, I have exemplary capabilities to keep the audience engaged and actively interested during my motivational public sessions that range from simple stories to complex, using ICT in education, Knowledge Management, e-Governance experience, Creative Arts and deep spiritual realities. As an innovator, I have formed the global network of professionals bringing educators, government officers, scientists and social activists together in the arena of social transformation and educational quality improvement including e-learning and e-governance sector. I implemented various innovative practices in schools by connecting them to global experts. I work on teacher empowerment, students conscious development by utilising the best out of their talents and knowledge. I delivered hundreds of motivational public speeches in education, e-Governance, Technology, Management and Value Based Human Development, Teacher empowerment, Students development, Youth empowerment, Woman empowerment, Change management etc.

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