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Ever' little bit helps, thank you much!  All of our supporters will get a sneak preview of our work, ahead of the wide world.  That will give you super street cred, and in a Revolutionary situation, could save your life.
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In addition to sneak previews, we'll send you an actual postcard in the mail.  Who doesn't like getting stuff in the mail? And they're awesome postcards.  From the postcard and art poster shop on Monroe Ave.  Good people.
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Besides the above, you will be in line to get print stuff in the mail as we ramp up into that.  We're not gonna say exactly what it is right now, because we are very much making up the specifics as we go.  Clearly a Unionizer monthly comic is in the works, though.

This is around the level of what you would spend on Netflix, so we want to give you something that feels about that cool.  Obviously there's no way we can give you comparable variety, but let us know your ideas in the comments- we'll cook some good stuff up.  We might just randomly decide to send you an Emma Goldman doll, or some original art, or some fresh baked cookies.  

This is a pretty serious level.  It's slightly more than you'd drop on a visit to McDonald's, so if you're that into us once a month, you rock.




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On vacation.  If you're a supporter, thank you and feel free to get in touch anytime.  Creative rewards feels an overly stiff and important way to say it, but you're appreciated and you ought to get something. 
$11 of $500 per month
Look, we JUST started.  It's super important to have a progress bar that looks good, attainable, and we can throw ourselves a little party when we hit it.  Little parties along the way are super important.  This will still be well short of what supports the project, obviously.  But high fives all around when it happens.
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