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This patreon exists for those who would like to support my coding projects, linux guides, and technology endeavors. Various things I do in my spare time include:

-Creating linux guides and tutorials on youtube and my blog
-Testing various hardware on linux
-Developing my various projects (all hosted for free on gitlab)
-Streaming on twitch

For the convenience  of anyone visiting my patreon, here is a list of useful links to my ongoing blog and projects


Warframe Launcher for linux:

Custom Proton build:

Multi-platform Twitch TV Chat bot

Community Discord server:

Fedora 30 COPR repos:
Contained in COPR:
-Mingw 6.0.0 headers needed for compiling d9vk/dxvk on fedora
-Mesa with valve's ACO patches for much faster shader compile times
-Linux kernel with valve's fsync patches
-glibc with league of legends patch and valve's fsync patches

Additionally I am now contributing wine runners to lutris!
$100 – reached! per month
I work M-F 9-5, and work on projects in my spare time. I've set a goal of $100 as a starter budget for testing/troubleshooting games on linux via wine/proton. To be clear, I -do not- expect to be paid for anything I do online. All of my blog posts, youtube videos, and gitlab/github projects are 100% free, and any coding I offer is 100% open source. Any patrons that choose to support me in my endeavors are very much appreciated.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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