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About Glory Villalobos

Hello! My name is Glory aka glorycolored on twitc (former neonremix in all other social media networks).

I'm a graphic designer and illustrator living in warm Panama City (warm is an understatement, I'm sure the gates of hell must be nearby), fan of everything colourful and pretty. I like drawing dudes and dudettes, fantasy themes and to find the perfect balance of bright saturation without burning anyone's retinas. 

On mid-june I ventured with some friends in the world of content creation, starting a little show on youtube called Patacoins. After that I decided to venture once again, this time on my own, launching my brand new art channel Glorycolored. I also work as a graphic designer full time and as freelance storyboard artist.

I created this patreon page to connect with people interested in supporting my work and with their help tackle on creative ideas that I've been meaning to do for a long time but haven't been able due to  shortage of money and time.  

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If we reach this goal I'll make it a habit to do a weekly lifestream session on Twitch, it will also allow me to afford better equipment (webcam + lights) and better internet to support this goal!
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