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What is Brick Port Dogs?


Brick Port Dogs is an adventure, drama, self realization, and growth.This story follows Victoria, dubbed as "She-Wolf" as she tries to establish herself in the world. She falls onto hard times, good adventures, bad relationships and forges strong relationships. She struggles and tries to make it through the searing fires. Brick Port, the anchoring town of the tale, is loosely based off the dichotomy of rural and urban Portland, Maine. As the story flows it will encompass most of the world. There is unrest in the reality that Brick Port exists in. The tale is told through a lens of steampunk and anthromorphic characterization. This comic is full of highly detailed art with a good, gritty, steamy feeling to it.

"Brick Port Dogs" is a webcomic with big dreams of becoming a graphic novel. Follow Victoria as she struggles against the tide, is then drawn into an abusive relationship then learns her strength and to discover adventures and meet friends. This story does not follow a typical love story line. Victoria is not perfect. She makes mistakes, she has weak times, she tries to escape, dream up new realities, and go on adventures, all in her own idiosyncratic way. "Brick Port Dogs" is unique in the way it takes inspiration from the real world, Steampunk, Lackadaisy cats, and generally gritty and magical places.

Victoria, nicknamed "She-Wolf", is a earnest young artist. She works hard but in the beginning is quickly worn out by pushing against an unseen wall. It's apparent she's unknowingly trodden over someone's line by moving to Brick Port. She's got all the aspirations the drive and heart, but none of the luck (at least with commerce). She's strong and bull headed, tempered by being sweet as pie. Which is what lands her in some hot water when those with no conscience come knocking at the door. Victoria was blessed with resilience and tenacity though, and just as her sweet nature allows folks to misuse her, it also brings in a lot of good friends. 

B.P.D. is Elisabeth's way of working through some emotional trauma heaped up by living. She's from a childhood home filled with domestic violence, then a latch-key independent life from the time she was 15. She put herself through college, and found her own way with the help of friends. She's been in and out of a very abusive personal relationship. Through a lot of self-work and guidance she's found her inner stability and is now trying to put it down in a creative way. 

Elisabeth is a tattoo artist and sometime freelance artist. She's... not normal. She insists she's never going to become a cat lady, but no one really believes that. Top on her list of things to do is backpack in the White Mountains (even though she's done this many times already). Going deep into the woods is how she finds balance, it works out that it's also doctor prescribed. She loves her career as a tattooist, and works in Manchester, New Hampshire. Elisabeth did the college thing, and as a result has two BA's in art and a minor in the same discipline, as well as all the debt from college she can't pay off.  She has a few pipe-dreams, no student debt, a master's degree, a big beautiful glass domed yurt in the woods... She has a physical disability that prevents her from working a 'regular' job.

Why You want to Fund This!
You like visual storytelling.
You happen to really enjoy the art of Brick Port Dogs.
You would like to see it updated more often.
You really enjoy a curvy, imaginative, whimsical story.
You really like the warm fuzzy feeling of helping artists directly in a world that is becoming harder to be an artist in.
You want to see B.P.D. in higher frequency.
You know this artist truly appreciates and feels your generosity and will do her best to earn it.

Where your money goes:
With the financial support of readers Elisabeth will be able to devote more of her time to the comic. With enough financial support she'd set aside one to two days a week toward the comic. As of now, there is not enough support. So the comic comes after tattoo work instead of holding the same priority as tattoo work.

Process/Timing/Schedule etc.
Minimally this project will be considered successful if it is financially supported and being posted bi-monthly. It will be considered truly successful if it ever has the opportunity to hit a book shelf as a completed project.

At this point in time, Elisabeth is simply doing her best effort to make pages as often as life allows her to.

Frequency: currently: as time allows, building to bi-monthly

Create a vlog for patreon patrons.
Banners, avatars, etc.

What is done:
17+ Pages are finished already, 3 in the works.
ch 1 written, ch2 in works, outline much further along.
book 1 is storyboarded
Recurrent Characters are mostly designed, others conceptualized.
Got a comicfury site. http://brickportdogs.thecomicsereis.com

Rewards and Tiers.
The part you've been scrolling and scrolling to check out... Why was it hidden at the bottom? No one knows, it just ended up down here! Perhaps a space-time continuum issue...

$1- (12/yr) You're awesome. Thank you. You will receive early access to pages and some patron only sketch releases.

$3- (36/yr) As above. Plus: Downloadable PDF at the end of a chapter, access to side comic strips as uploaded on Patreon.  Release of pages as scanned.

$10- (120/yr) As above. Plus: A hand drawn thank you card once a year. See previews of the pages as they are drawn (story board and up), a downloadable PDF packet of sketches.

$15- (180/yr) As above. Plus: One personalized sketch commission a year. This isn't slacked on. It says sketch, but if you think it's a few loose scribbles you haven't been paying attention... (after twelve months of donations)

$20- (240/yr) As above. Plus an artist trading card, hand drawn, and a birthday card (after twelve months of pledges)

$30- As above, plus repeated background appearances.

$40- As above, and tbd.

$80- As above, plus your choice of an original page (after twelve months of donations)

Down the Line:

50/month collectively: Release of studio video bi-monthly- for patrons of any gift range only.
After 1 year, if interest follows: Art Companion to the comic.
200/month collectively if interest: Q/A directly w/ patrons of any gift range, recorded.

$4.56 of $120 per month
Arrr! At this point I will be more capable posts as my time will be paid for. The frame of the ship will be molded, and posts will assuredly be once a month. I'll begin to feel less stressed about financing this beauteous airship, but a large amount of the income will continue to go straight back into the project- marketing, web space, graphics, etc. And so, I will remain spending my time significantly on other work to keep my back in linen, and keeping scurvy preventing tack in the larder.

I will at this stage begin creating videos around my studio and other places to interact with folks, show you my process, inspirations, and other bits of my weird.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 81 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 81 exclusive posts

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