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We are in an all out battle against corporate radio! Lend us your Spirit Animal strength! As a Gerbil, you may not be the most powerful...but there is strength in numbers. Your ability to gather friends to the cause is vital. Also those buck teeth help. 

-Welcome to the pack! You get limited access to the Patreon community board! 

-First alert email notifications when new tracks/videos drop. 

Good Dog
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Reliable. Agile. Excellent sense of smell. Ferocious bite. Lovable. You are an essential part of the fight against the evils of top 40 radio. 

-Early access streaming to unreleased music and videos through the Patreon community board. 

-Social media shout out

*Includes previous rewards*

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Your laser like vision and majestic wingspan provide indispensable air support to the pack. 

-You get download access to all currently available GM releases**

-Access to all bonus content including behind the scenes footage, song tutorials, live videos, lyric explanations and more!***

*Includes all previous rewards

**Does not include songs in the vault. 

***Bonus content could be any one of these things each month but not necessarily all at the same time




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Oh hello there! 
We are Glowing Moses, a quirky group of friends creating a compelling blend of heavy rock and otherworldly sounds. If you enjoy bands like Led Zeppelin, Muse, or Queens of the Stone Age...chances are you will really dig us. 

Every note we play is designed to take you on a wild journey outside of yourself. No sound is off limits for us as we wield gigantic pummeling riffs and passages of haunting beauty. Through it all runs a spiritual thread of faith-based lyrics. 

Where is all the good music?! 
Today's music industry is in a difficult time of transition. The internet has changed everything about how we interact with music. The big record labels are forced to play it safer than ever...resulting in generic music all over the air waves! It's particularly difficult for completely independent artists like us to compete with the mega-corporate behemoth labels with their mountains of cash and international marketing campaigns. To make matters worse, it costs thousands of dollars (and hours) to record, manufacture and distribute quality music. That's where YOU come in! Thanks to Patreon we are able to partner directly with our fans to create a truly special listening experience! If you want great art, the power is in your hands to fund it! 

 Simply choose one of our Spirit-animal themed monthly subscription tiers to add your strength to our fight against the industry giants! In return, you will get some delicious and exclusive rewards. 

We have received so much love and continued support from our fans, it's ridiculous! Our very first EP "Cosmonaut" was entirely funded by close friends and family. We can confidently say that the material we have now is EVEN BETTER. All that's needed now is a few investors to get behind us! So what do you say?! 

-Glowing Moses
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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