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is creating horror fiction of strange apocalyptic curiosity
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I just made it weird huh?


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You'll get access to the a brand new GLUTS chapter every two weeks just like the 1st tier - PLUS a behind the scenes titbit with every chapter. 

It might be a blog of my creative process or it might be a peculiar, and clearly reluctant photo of my family, you know, normal stuff. 

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- The next GLUTS chapter.

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You'll get everything from the 1st  & 2nd tier plus a 'Playlist Of The Month' bonus post - a sneaky peak blog of the music collection I listen to while writing. You'll get to see the sometimes moody, often quirky and dare I say badass playlist that I've had on repeat while creating. With this bonus you might even notice the Narrator has made a few sly nods to the playlist throughout the book. 

Oh and you can safely assume that I am on cloud nine hanging out with the angels thanks to your support!


- The next GLUTS chapter.

- Extra behind the scenes post.

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About J. C. Winsor

The state of the world is not so bad if you don’t remember how it was before…  

If you met the one person who doesn’t recall a thing about the human ravagery that ended the world as it was, would you take them in? Someone who can't see the ruin, only finding everything curious and new – even if it is broken glass lining the abandoned streets. A sunny disposition is just great if it doesn’t get people killed, but then again doesn't misery love company regardless? The true apocalypse hasn't started yet. 

I’m J. C. Winsor and if you’ll join me, I’ll tell you a story, or rather I’ll be a conduit for my ever so slightly opinionated narrator.  I don't really matter at all, just a monkey with a typewriter really. They however will tell you a most unnatural yarn of violence, horror and sins better left unsaid.
Sour, salty goodness with cream on top.

Graze your teeth over the prologue and first chapter in the 'Posts' section and if you feel that you need to know the rest of the twisted tale just become a patron. I’ll love your bones for it and each two weeks I’ll keep that strange narrator of mine busy, spitting out the next instalment of the wretched tale for your consumption. But it’s probably best for everyone if you cover all your bases and wear your tin foil hat, stand in a salt circle and pray to a few saints before reading – I’m not even sure my narrator even knows what’s really happening. But it ain't natural.

Happy creepy weird reading!
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What more can I say? Yes, you are a living god.
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