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Hello! I have been streaming on for 3 years now. Through my stream, I provide countless hours of helpful and insightful video game commentary in conjunction with the most technical gameplay. My stream mainly focuses on "Phantasy Star Online 2", but we also dive deep into other games, as well as speedruns. With interactive chat experience where we can talk about everything and anything, paired with nostalgic video game musics, I've created an extremely high quality stream that caters to all levels of gamers. Streaming is a huge part of my life, so being able to continue through your support means everything to me. 

As for other media you can catch me at, I stream simultaneously on and make videos there. I also use twitter often at Please check those out!

More things about me:
♥ started to get involved in southern california gaming communities through Starcraft 1, Street Fighter III & IV, and Smash Bros. Melee, playing and competing with the best players in the world
♥ started streaming only for PSO2 and am known throughout the community for Gunner gameplay and high-level strategies
♥ was in the top 0.01% in League of Legends s1/s2
♥ love commentary, thanks to tasteless casting Starcraft 1
♥ love arcade culture. Arcade Infinity is my home.
♥ have been to various parts of Europe, Asia, Americas
♥ have completed a 48-hour and over ten 24-hour streams
♥ was one of the best soccer players in the country and played for numerous #1 ranked teams in the nation

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the show~
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I'll get exclusive PSO2 goods from Japan for you!
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