Enmanuel Martinez Lema

is creating Illustrations, landscapes, fantasy, sci-fi, monsters, stockart
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About Enmanuel Martinez Lema

Who Am I? 
I'm Enmanuel, a professional freelance illustrator and graphic designer born in Venezuela and now living in Colombia. I’m constantly creating new illustrations, I write and design RPGs occasionally. I work making commissions, and sometimes writing but only in Spanish. Now that I’m living in a new country it’s hard to find new local jobs because it's complicated to verify the previous job references. 

What you're signing to
The idea of this patreon is to create 1 stock art piece a month  of very high level of quality and 4 spot images in B&W for you to use in your projects. The theme of the month will be voted by all the patrons and sometimes you can add some extra themes if you like to. There will be higher tiers where you get the chance to have very high quality artwork completely custom and everyone will have Access to that pieces, increasing the amount of stockart for everyone. 
Of course I still will be making commissions works, but in the process that I receive more money through here, I will be making more stock arts and the less I will need to look for commissions. Also, as we hit some milestones, the stock arts will improve in quality and quantity. Of course I have a lot to improve as an illustrator, so with the more milestone goals hits, I will have more time to dedicate to make online studies and improve the arts.

Of course I consider myself as an illustrator who still have a lot to learn, so this could be, not only a great chance to learn, this could be a great opportunity make pieces that otherwise I would never do and it’s a powerful chance to investigate and to improve. 

For what I will use the money 
The money I make with the patreon will help me pay the bills. Also I will have the chance to avoid constantly seeking for commissions and dedicate more time to create better stockarts. Also I will dedicate some of it to make online studies and improve as an artist.
$265 of $500 per month
One extra full piece (one time) 
This would be great for working more on the patreon and less concerned on seeking commissions, so the month we reach that goal, I will make one extra full piece to celebrate. 
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