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I'm not sure what I'm worth. I'm not sure what you think I'm worth, but you're here so I've got to be worth something.  Whether you're using an intro on your pod 10-15 times a month or watching and listening to content from satire to serious, I appreciate you.



About Gabe Geering

Is this thing on?

I've been creating, sharing, and providing for over 15 years across nearly all media platforms.  I have found joy in all that I've done thus far.  Though I'm content, it's not what many seek and I'm curious where anything can take me.  Between music, podcasting, writing, and video content, I'm trying to hit my niche and find something that everyone enjoys just as much as me.

Thank you for taking the time to be here and listen, watch, or read any of my content.  It's all love. 

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