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You are the heart that keeps us pumping! Thank you!

We would like to thank you personally on Twitter, please provide us with your handle upon signing up and we will make sure to thank you.

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This Tier is for those who believe in supporting the cause of Gnomeland! They are the movers and shakers looking to change the world of Najara.

Your name will be used as an NPC on the podcast!

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You have shed a great light on Najara!

All previous tiered benefits plus:

- A special thanks on the podcast.

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About Gnomeland Security

As the world of Najara plunges into chaos, three adventurers rise to action. Support their plight as they face corrupt rulers, droves of bandits, goblins, and beasts galore in the greatest Dungeons and Dragons Podcast of all time. 
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We are on a roll! At this point we will be able to afford cameras to take this show on the road! This will bring us into a new age of our podcast, live casting our games. 

With that we will be able to share the visual of what we do.

All existing patron will get copies of our battle maps in High Resolution up to this point as well as access to our videos.
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