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is creating a photography book, exhibition and web site
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Every little bit helps! Patrons at this level get an exclusive weekly progress report, where I tell you what I've up to and share the trials and tribulations of being an intrepid ubahn explorer as well as posting previews of some of the finished shots.
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For those with a little more to spare. Patrons at this level will receive the weekly progress report with photographs from the "one buck club", plus as a special thank you I'll be sending out a custom printed high quality postcard of one of my favorite shots every month. 
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If you're a photographer yourself or just interested in the creative process, this level is for you. In addition to the weekly progress report and a monthly custom postcard, I'll be posting a monthly insight into my process - camera settings, lens choice, shooting process, shot selection, editing and final review. I'll talk about why I made certain choices, share some before and after shots, and a screen recording of an interesting edit. 




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About Kay Smoljak


I'm an Australian photographer, living in Germany for the past five years. I've been captivated by Berlin, and fascinated by the network of underground railway lines that criss-cross under (and sometimes over) my adoptive city - veins that ferry its denizens back and forth, largely out of sight. 

Even more entrancing are the ubahn stations - each with its own unique character and style, and many with histories that reflect the tumultuous history of the city around them. Each is a treasure-trove of intricate details, clever design elements, and unexpected beauty amid the grime and dirt that is the inevitable result of 1.5 million daily passengers. 

Join me on my quest to capture the essence of this (mostly) subterranean wonderland. I am working towards creating an exhibition, a book and an accompanying web site (in German and English) which incorporates photographs of the stations themselves with historical notes and stories. 

With the help of my patrons, I am dedicating one half day per week for shooting, editing, and research - and with enough support, I hope to expand this to one full day per week.
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When I reach $800 per month, I will be able to expand my work on the project to one full day every week.
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