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About Goblin Fruit

Since April of 2006 Goblin Fruit has been publishing some of the best fantastical poetry out there, by new and established authors alike, putting out four issues a year without fail, for free and without ads. We've been fortunate enough to showcase these poems alongside the work of tremendously talented artists such as Oliver HunterGalen Dara, Betsie WitheyElisabeth HellerPaula Friedlander, and many more.  

For its first five years Goblin Fruit was a labour of love paid out of pocket by its editors; we opened up to donations with our Fifth Anniversary issue and have operated on that basis since 2011. With Patreon we hope to reach out to new readers, enable our current readers to support us more easily and with reward options, bank towards running a podcast, and produce more print and e-book chapbook collections.
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