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About Goddess light

I work with materials and their emotions.

I am greatly concerned with users and their sensations.
Glass offers many possibilities and I love to discover and explore them. In my recent projects I focused on work with light. Light is naturally touching and forming glass, playfully rendering its character. I feel very comfortable with this approach.
A combination of glass and metals (in role of functional construction) is kind of effortless to me, as my father is a metalworking specialist and I grew up in his workshop. Home provides me with support and valuable opportunities to learn about metals. At school and during my study exchanges I learned a lot about glass. After six years of studying glass I am finishing my school and I am trying to find my place in the ligting design, as well as in non-commercial projects like installations and performative art, because there are plenty of ways in humans' expression and I am eager to fulfill my diverse dreams.
Currently I also enjoy collaboration with other artists. I'd love to add to a stream of intercultural collaborations to share and spread the world's diverse knowledge, with the ultimate goal of honing our thinking and acting in life.