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per Video content for entertainment purposes.


Welcome to the official Patreon page for Go Frak Yourself, the argumentative podcast, hosted by Mike Wewerka (@MikeWewerka) and Jsun Torres. The boys produce this podcast on their own dime, with no network or support. Believe it or not, hosting audio files and keeping a domain and all that techy shit costs money (yeah, who would have thunk it?).

The point is this stuff costs money and we don't have sponsorships or an affiliate network to offset costs. On top of that, we want to bring you more content. We want to branch out and bring you all a website that is filled with daily content for you all to consume during the wait until the next show. In order to do that, we need another hosting account which costs even more money (Ugh, I know right!?!).

So, what can you do? Glad you asked! If you could donate a little bit of cash once or even a month, it would allow us to continue doing the show, without our wives asking us why we are doing this shit for free for you, but costing US money.

Skip a cappuccino at Starbucks ($5) on Tuesday and give it us once a month, hell, if all our listeners just donate $1 a month, man, we could cover all our costs.
$50 of $100 per Video content for entertainment purposes.
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