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ABOUT ME i was working in retail, sales for 20 years, one aspect of my job included reviewing retail household products. So in 2017 i set my channel up to bring a new way of reviewing products, giving a truthful, unique, down to earth way of unboxing and reviewing Gadgets,Toys,Technology and other cool stuff, without misleading YOU the viewer. i try to be as honest as can be, Discussing a products specifications, usefulness, weather the product in question is any good and then finally giving my verdict out of 10 Please feel free to browse ,share and add my videos to your playlist. Subscribe and hit the bell option to make sure you get alerts on new review uploads. Goals: 10000 subscribers Email and business contact Below : [email protected] #gearbest #tech #gadgets #technology #gogetyours #fun #reviews #unboxing
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i'm a tech reviewer who likes to do things different,no matter how many advertisers or hold backs iv had iv still kept to my word,you got products that's bad,i'm gonna say "its bad" on the other hand if you got a product that you think is fantastic,well i'm gonna give my true opinion and if it deserves a high rating i will advertise it in the correct way.
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